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Special eBook Offer

Secure Your Business’ Identity & Reputation, Scare Off Copycats & Defend Your Trademark Rights With The Trademark Manifesto

Written By One Of The Top Trademark Attorneys In The Country!

They Say That Imitation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery, But What They Forgot To Tell You Is...

Imitation can mean losing the rights to your brand, work, or business. Copycats are everywhere.  Lurking in a dark corner, patiently waiting. Waiting for your next big idea or breakthrough to reach the surface, all so that they can steal it and use it as their own.
Take ClubHouse, the Social Audio App valued at $4 billion as a prime example. ClubHouse was recently sued for trademark infringement by an Arizona company running “theClubhouse.” The Arizona company, “theClubHouse”, was granted trademark registration for their name in December 2018. ClubHouse appears to have never even applied for trademark registration in the US at all.
The result? A big fat lawsuit, expensive settlement fees, a tarnished reputation, and a highly likely depreciation in their overall company valuation. 

The moral of this story? Not protecting your trademark assets is never worth the risk. This could just as easily be your business name or brand if you have not protected your trademark assets.

In This Day & Age, You Must Secure 
Your Brand, Bag & Legacy

In This Day & Age, You Must Secure Your Brand, Bag & Legacy

Whether you’ve: 

Come up with a brand new name that the world has never seen before. 

Finally created the perfect jingle, slogan, or logo for your business or personal identity.

Cultivated a loyal email subscriber base (that’s one of your most valuable assets!)

Built your legacy off of your creative brand whether you're in fashion, beauty, entertainment industry, etc.

You must “Secure the Brand®” before attempting to “Secure the Bag” so in turn you can secure your legacy.

Otherwise… You’ll fall victim to one of the most vicious, yet harsh realities of being a business owner, brand, or creator: “First come first serve”

What do I mean by this, exactly? The trademark registration office doesn’t investigate whether your logo, slogan, tagline, or jingle has been stolen. They register it to the first person who applies to trademark it. The burden will shift to you to prove that you were the first user, which is always more costly than filing your registration in the first place.

The moral of the story is that...

If you create something great, people will mimic, steal and copy.  And if you don’t act now… You could lose the rights to your very own creation, and the brand that you’ve poured blood, sweat, money and tears into.  But don’t panic, because we’re going to put a stop to that - together. 

Hey There! I’m Rosezena J. Pierce

 AKA "The Biz Lawyer," & Queen of the Trademark Jungle

Attorney, Entrepreneur, Educator, and Legal Service Provider. 

I always say that I was born a city girl with global dreams! After receiving my law degree from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL back in 2013, my global journey began to unfold. 

I won’t bore you with the details, but…
  • I founded my very own Law Firm, R.J, Pierce Law Group, P.C and lead a team of all minorities
  • ​I’ve been named one of the most notable trademark attorneys in the industry
  • ​I have filed over 3000 trademark applications, and earned over $1.6M in revenue in 2020 (despite a worldwide pandemic!)
  • ​I serve as a speaker at national trademarking events, conferences, and virtual summits
  • ​I was ranked No. 86 by Trademark Now in their Top 200 USPTO Representatives of the United States article (2019)
And while my position as an attorney is rewarding, my true purpose is beyond satisfying: To serve the underserved.  That is why I will continue to break barriers for black attorneys and business professionals; all the while protecting, employing, and educating them in obtaining legal representation and trademark services nationwide in order to build generational wealth. 

I’m proud to specialize in helping my clients secure their brand, their businesses, and themselves via trademark and copyright law, but the truth is... 

There are only so many hours in a day. That means the number of people I can help is limited... 

Or should I say, was limited! Today, I’m offering you the chance to secure a special discount on my brand new eBook “The Trademark Manifesto”.  Inside, I provide insight into how you can protect your business, and begin understanding your trademark obligations as a business owner, entertainer, or creator.  The Biz Lawyer’s Public Declaration To Bizpreneurs® To Secure The Brand® Via Trademark Registration:

Ready To Secure The Brand® You Worked So Hard To Build? 

Inside The Trademark Manifesto, You Will Find Chapters On The Following:

  • What is Intellectual Property?
  • ​Common-Law vs. Trademark Registration
  • ​Filing Your Trademark Application
  • ​Maintaining Your Trademark
  • ​Enforcing Your Trademark
  • ​The Importance Of Trademarking Your Brand
  • ​The Benefits Of Trademarking Your Brand
  • ​The Painful Consequences Of Not Trademarking Your Brand
  • ​Trademark Glossary
  • ​& More!

Special eBook Offer Unlocked:

Why Should You Invest In The Trademark Manifesto?

Would you pay to build a house on land you don't own? If you’re investing in your brand, you must own it. And if you don’t know how to own your brand, you must invest in the skillset required to do so. 

That’s where I step in!There are very few attorneys who have access to the real-world experience, skillset, and secrets that I hold. Even fewer are willing to openly and publicly share them.  As one of the top trademark attorneys in the country with over 8 years of hands-on experience in the business and entertainment industry… 

I can help you understand the fundamental basics on why it's important to secure your brand, your business, and brand reputation, moving forward.

Discover How To Secure The Brand® So That You Can Secure The Bag Today: 

Special eBook Offer Unlocked: 

Usually $97. Today Only $47.

Usually $97. Today Only $47.

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